Saturday, September 11, 2010

Treat Her Right

Yesterday I had a revelation.

Tom Jones was actually pretty sexy.

I was quite shocked to discover this. I'd never really paid much attention to Mr Jones, I knew the stories that women used to throw their underwear at him and swoon in his presence, but I thought that was hysteria perhaps from those crazy corsets they used to wear. You know, lack of oxygen or blood flow or something.

Anyway, this video came to my attention and it became apparent that dude had some serious moves.

He could really swing. And as recent studies have proven, a man that can dance is a highly attractive thing.

It's like when you watch that Bruce Springsteen video for dancing in the dark, and he's wearing those jeans and that white t-shirt....

It makes you feel a bit funny?

Well, watching Tom Jones jive is a bit the same, and hilarious.

Wait to about 1.20 into the video, when he really cuts loose. It's crazy.

I think If I met a man who could dance like that, I'd marry him.

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