Monday, July 13, 2009


Adelaide. City of churches, serial killers, amazing food, memories, haighs chocolate, apparently has more lotto winners than any other city in Australia...

There are many things Adelaide is famous for but in my mind it's now going to be synonymous with Bob Ellis being LOL. I was in RADelaide for The Festival of Ideas last week - and the highlight of the whole experience [apart from the Pedro Ximenez braised beef cheeks at Mesa Lunga tapas - ahh, I'm a total sucker for the black gold!] and the incredible meal at Chianti Classico was Bob Ellis getting up and asking a hilarious question of English scientist Simon Singh, who's recently written an book examining alternative medicine like acupuncture and chiropracture. [Simon wasn't very favourable in his view of these practises.]

... Anyways, after a long and rigorous discussion about the science and health claims of alternative medicine Uncle Bob [who was wearing slippers during the day] got up and announced to the room that he's been a long advocate for such alternative remedies, and most recently has found they've helped him with impotence, and curing his dog's sore hip.

Everyone in the room laughed, but poor Simon had no idea who Bob was. He was a bit stunned. Perhaps a bit too familiar, Bob? Maybe too much information.