Friday, February 12, 2010

Real Life

Oh hello there!

I know. It's been a long time, I'm sorry. I've been stuck in an alternate reality - where there was no internets (can you imagine the horror??) - But I think I'm back for good now.

I just wanted to quickly tell you about an outfit that I've been loving lately. You're probably across them like a rash. But just incase you're looking for something new and great, I highly recommend Brookyln duo, Tanlines. They're pretty damn ace.

Below are a couple of videos, s.a.w is kinda new and Bejan is from last year, featured on a Kitsune compilation - but more than these, check out the Memory Tapes remix of REAL LIFE. It's been kicking around for a couple of weeks and it's totally one of my favourites at the moment. Feel the percussion. And tell me, what's the chorus they're singing... it could be a couple of things. What are your thoughts?

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